When It is Time to Stop Adulting

One evening this week, I was relieved (like any momma) to have all three of my arrows tucked in for the night. Mark was at church for worship band practice, after my usual run through the house in which I tossed random toys back in their baskets, trashed tiny toys and pritz that my kids never notice is missing, and put away the clean and dry dishes from dinner, I collapsed onto the couch with my computer. I was ready to read a few saved links and listen to a sermon I’d been waiting to hear.

From the quiet of the house came the sudden cry of my two-year-old buddy—this isn’t a common occurrence for him—once he is in bed, he is down for the night.  But, teething changes everything (amen?). I dashed up the stairs, two at a time, to his room where he was standing in his crib with teary cheeks. I scooped him up and said, “We’re just going to snuggle, okay?” He nodded his tired head and dropped it onto my shoulder as we slid into the chair in his bedroom. I am grateful for children who sleep well, and love a full night of sleep—but, I do miss these quiet snuggles the nighttime can bring.

As I rocked my boy, the Lord spoke so clearly to my heart and I know the word was too important to keep to myself. So, hear the Father’s words for us, dear mommas. God spoke to me about the way my son calls out for me, almost immediately, when he feels any kind of pain (physical or emotional).  He does not attempt to muscle his way through on his own; he knows a parent can help him and he has faith that when he calls out, one of us will come.

Oh, dear sisters, Papa God doesn’t want us muscling through our days—the moments of small disappointment, the painful words, the misunderstandings, the physical weariness, the chronic habit—in all of it, He desires that we would call out to Him. That we would have faith like my toddler to believe that when we call, Papa will come running. He may not remove pain immediately, but He will make us more aware of His presence, His power, and His goodness. So, today, let us not be so caught up in adulting that we forget Jesus told us that we are to come to Him as the little children do.  Let’s not wait for “big” things, but call out over and over and over and let Him scoop us up.

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2 thoughts on “When It is Time to Stop Adulting

  1. Jennifer, I am 53 and going to be a grandma. Your words not only touch young mommas but also old ones like me. Keep writing and sharing.

    • Barb, thank you so much for the encouragement! I am so thankful that God has used this to touch your precious heart too. By the way, I hear being a grandma is the BEST!