When forgetfulness is dangerous

In my teary eyes and aching heart, I made Him too small.

Our oldest is off to first grade, as you read in my prayer last week.

Her preschool years were spent at a Christian school with Jesus-following teachers who prayed over and for her.  She spent kindergarten with me for a teacher; and, this year she is off to an (excellent) public charter school.  And, as I’ve been jotting lists of lunchbox menus, pinning recipes of morning muffin snacks, and picturing her there (away from me) surrounded by people who may or may not know her Jesus, I have allowed fear.

“Fear in the believer is a function of forgetfulness.  To the degree that you forget who God is, who you are as his child, and what you have been given by his grace, fear is is your default emotion.” (Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies)

My fear is evidence of my forgetfulness.

It shows I have forgotten who God is —mighty, all-powerful, all-knowing, unfailingly kind, rich in love, & intimately acquainted with sending His child into an unbelieving world.

I’ve forgotten who I am & who she is, as his children–covered by Jesus’ blood, encamped around by angels, treasured, bought with a price, equipped for all tasks in Christ, set apart, & victorious.

I’ve forgotten what I have been given–wisdom and discernment to choose this school back in the spring; peace that passes all understanding even with an aching momma-heart;  a promise that the same God who created her in my womb will keep her. 

So, momma, I don’t know how you’ve been forgetful today.  Maybe you’re feeling the same ache I am.  Maybe you have allowed fear about finances, health, or relationships to keep you awake when your family is sleeping.

Whatever you face today–let me remind you of who God is, who you are {His treasured child}, and what you have been given by His grace.  I am praying for you today.

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