To Make Him Great

Or to make you feel great?

“God made people so they could…do all sorts of wonderful things.  Everyone should thank God for these gifts, but sometimes people try to use their skills for themselves instead.  Rather than saying that God was great and thanking Him, the people began to fill up with pride thinking that they were great.” (“The Tower to the Heavens,” Jesus Calling Storybook Bible, Sarah Young)

I sat on the couch, our two girls in between my husband and I, reading before bed, and I found myself being struck again.  I’m not sure why, but it seems that the Bibles we read to our little people minister to me, often, so profoundly, and each time I am astonished by the power and life in God’s Word.

(I applaud Sally Lloyd Jones for putting together The Jesus Storybook Bible–we have read it over and over in our home.  We recently picked up The Jesus Calling Storybook Bible, which is also beautifully put together and has lovely little sections at the end of each story to read to your children that mimic Jesus Calling in a way a child can understand.  My girls smile as if they’re receiving secret messages from Jesus to them)

“Sometimes people try to use their skills for themselves instead.”  Ready for some real honest talk?

Sometimes, I use my organizational skills to make myself feel like I have it more together than other moms.

Sometimes, I use my excellent communication skills to make myself look intelligent in conversations.

Sometimes, I write a blog post & wait for the ‘likes’ and comments to roll in, so I can think that I am great.

But, here is what I am learning (it’s a process for this thick-pride-filled skull of mine): my gifts were never for me; my gifts were never mine; my gifts are useless for anything that matters {for eternity} if they aren’t building the kingdom.

My love of hosting people, the joy I get from baking for people, my ability to write & teach to write, it is not to make my life better, easier, happier–it is to build the kingdom.

So, let’s be real today, ladies–what do you have?  And, how are you using it?  To make you feel great or to make Him look great?

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