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Happy Monday, momma friends!

If you’re anything like me (and you’re raising humans…not angelic beings) you have multiple moments in a day in which you know you need Jesus to intervene before you explode in anger or drop to your knees sobbing, but you don’t know how to make space for Him to intervene.

Well, mommas, I have written some quick prayers specifically fitted for those difficult moments–a toddler tantrum, quarreling kiddos, & even when you hit a wall of exhaustion but your babies still need you and it’s time to make dinner. I call them Minute Mom Prayers because you can hide in the bathroom, or sink to your knees in the kitchen (I hide behind our dishwasher and whisper the prayer that fits your moment.

I have six different prayers for you; they’re all available in one simple, 3 page, printable that won’t use all your ink or require a color cartridge. I am so excited to share this powerful tool with you. Here’s the trick, to get the printable, you have to be a subscriber to Letter In October. So, if you love this tool, and you’d like to share it with your friends, you can encourage them to become a subscriber at

If you’re already a subscriber, you should have already received this tool in your inbox today! If you aren’t; you’ll receive these Minute Mom Prayers shortly after you subscribe! Now, go hide in the bathroom or behind the play kitchen and pray a hot second!

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