More than a Newsfeed

I get it. Escaping to the social media world for those five quiet minutes seems like a deserved respite.  Scrolling to see what my friends (and acquaintances…and friends of acquaintances) did last night seems like a quick brain break.  But, I don’t really walk away from five minutes of Facebook feeling rejuvenated and ready to be supermom.
7:30 a.m., after feeding the baby boy, I instinctually reached for my phone to spend five minutes scrolling.  Just a few status updates, ‘like’ a few pictures–enjoy my last quiet moments before my day as momma-to-three truly began.

But yesterday morning, God whispered to my heart, “dig into me just a little deeper.” You see, I did rise early in the morning to spend time in the Word.  I did pray over my family while feeding Beckett.  I already checked those boxes today, so why not chill out with Facebook?

He has more than a newsfeed.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they might have some inspirational pictures and quotations, even some great scripture verses, but, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” (Psalm 42:2)  He tells me if I hunger after Him, I’ll be filled. But, He is not going to pry open my mouth.

He is a gracious Papa God. Today, He swished that spoon in front of me and made a quiet airplane sound stirring up my appetite.

So, today, I took five minutes.
I asked God to fill me with more of Him.

I asked Him to make me a better picture of Jesus’ love to my girls.

I asked for eyes to better see the eternal parts of this day.

I walked away with more than five minutes worth of Him.

He restores my soul. (Psalm 23:3)

It is a fight for me to have an eternal perspective.  The temporary never feels temporary when I’m stuck in the middle of it.  When play-dough is sticking to your socks or your coffee spills on the first bump as you drive to work, it doesn’t feel temporary.  But when I look a few more minutes at Him, it gets just a bit easier.


Join me today, will you?  Give just five minutes that you would normally offer to social media and offer it to Papa God.  Share your thoughts on Facebook.

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