Let’s Hear it for the Single Mommas

{Mom Unity} Episode 3

Humbled, inspired, convicted, compelled to lend grace– as I learn from some really amazing momma-warriors while working on this {Mom Unity} series.  If you haven’t had a chance, pop on over and read Episode 1: Adoptive Moms & Episode 2: Moms of Children with Special Needs; you will be both informed & compelled to love well.

1 Peter 4:8 challenges us, “Above all love each other deeply…,” but be honest, do you know how to love well those whose life experiences look very different from yours?  I struggle.  And, it is not because I don’t want to love someone whose reality doesn’t resemble mine, I struggle because I don’t always know how–I feel awkward & unsure.  Today, thanks to some mommas who were willing to be authentic about their needs, I feel a bit better equipped to love on single mommas.

Remember, in this series, I have asked all of the moms these three questions:

1. What is your greatest need?

2. What do you want my kids to know about yours?

3. What do you desire most from other moms?

I had three precious women share their hearts in response to these questions, and I worked diligently to represent all three women.

What is her greatest need?

As I looked over the answers they gave me, I noticed that the buckets we need filled are very similar, the contrast, however, is that I have a teammate at home who works to fill those buckets.  Precious single mommas are in homes filled with little people who also need their buckets filled.  So, what she needs from the body of Christ (us!) is to be reassured that she isn’t totally blowing it raising up her children (wave your hand with me if you have felt this way). She wants to know that your four-year-old is also testing out feisty words, that your temper flairs too, and that God’s grace covers her shortcomings.  She also wants reassurance that her children’s needs are being met–for a momma going it alone it is a constant battle working to meet all of her people’s physical and emotional needs. Might I suggest that if you have a single momma in your life, you find some ways to help meet the needs of her people–physical or emotional?

And, if you want a very practical way to help a single momma, she needs childcare.  She doesn’t have a hubby at home, so she can run that errand  after the kids are in bed; she doesn’t have someone to do preschool pick-up when her meeting conflicts.

What does she want my kids to know about hers?

They are just kids.  This has become a theme throughout these {Mom Unity} posts, as I hoped it would.  I prayed that as I interviewed mommas from others walks, we would discover we have so much in common.  Single mommas want our kids to know that not having a dad at home might mean they need a little extra grace, a little extra patience (because they have to be patient at home where there is always only one caregiver), but they are just kids.

What does she most desire from other mommas?

Companionship, someone to vent to (without judgement), and a friend who encourages her but also allows her to be an encouragement. A friend to call when the four-year-old declares, “I don’t like you!”

Mommas, we all know that it is a humbling & terrifying task to raise up people–there are so many single mommas raising their people, working to provide for their physical needs, and deeply in need of people to walk alongside them and do life together. If you have a single momma in your life, send her a note or a text and let her know that you think she is a rockstar momma, ask her what you can grab for her at the grocery store, & set a date for your hubby/babysitter to watch both sets of kids while you grab a cup of coffee with her. Let’s work to love these warrior-mommas well.


{Just a reminder, if you haven’t had a chance, pop on over and read Episode 1: Adoptive Moms & Episode 2: Moms of Children with Special Needs; you will be both informed & compelled to love well.}

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