Four Ways to be a Lousy Mom

1. Be someone else

You know that mom-blogger you follow who posts new crafts each week?  Try to keep up with her.  She’s crafty so she already has a lot of supplies just “around the house” (for real, though, I do not have that stuff sitting around the house.  I have unmatched socks, smooshed rice chex, a lot of runaway marbles, and a pile of toilet paper tubes we will craft with someday), so be sure to head to your nearest craft store and pick up the bag of feathers, sequins, modge podge, and those tiny baby food jars.  Your husband and Mr. Budget will surely appreciate that.

2. Keep the house spotless

Follow that sweet little toddler around and pick up the cheerios he drops; have a damp cloth ready to wipe whatever he touches.  Those little patties are always sticky.  Tuck toys back in their bins as soon as your preschooler’s attention is diverted.  Don’t let her mix toys, make forts, fill bags for pretend camping trips, all of this is just too messy.  Do all your cookie-baking while the kids are napping, otherwise you’re just asking for chocolate chips on the carpet and flour on sleeves.

3. Operate outside of your giftings

You aren’t gifted musically, but your daughter’s school musical needs a director, JUMP IN!  You are excellent at following directions, but administrating isn’t what God has gifted you with, by all means, head up that committee at church.  While you’re at it, be sure to volunteer to plan and prepare the craft for your son’s school St. Patrick’s Day party!

4. Avoid slowing down for time in the Word

While scrolling Pinterest, you found a great recipe for pumpkin pancakes with homemade cinnamon butter.  Your family would love to wake up to the smell of those on your griddle; rise early, grab a cup of coffee, leave your Bible sitting on the nightstand, and start a’mixing!  Your spiritual belly might be bloated from hunger, but at least your sweet family will start their day with warm buttery pancakes.


When you line examples up like this it is laughable isn’t it?  We can easily see the foolishness in falling into these traps when they’re phrased this way, and yet I am sure each of us has felt the pressure to fall for at least one of these tricks in the last twenty-four hours.

So, for today, let my sarcasm make you laugh and encourage you to follow the Holy Spirit as He gently leads you through your days.  Your husband and children want you—not you stressed by trying to be someone else, not you unable to walk in your giftings because you’re operating in other areas.

You, filled up with His love and unspeakable joy, and the knowledge that you’re right where you should be.

Which of these is easiest for you fall into, or have you fallen into?  Share your answers on Facebook.



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