Backpacks, pencils, & prayer

Despite my deep love for office supplies passed down from my Father (anyone else with me on this one?), I have dragged my feet; but, today we did it.

We bought pencils, erasers, 8-count crayons, highlighters, and glue sticks.

11 sleeps left until she begins first grade, so get ready for a few posts as I prepare my heart to send baby girl to school.

Today, it’s simple–I’m going to share with you what I am praying for her; let it encourage you in your prayers for your little backpack-clad kiddos.

Father God,

Thank you that you have gone before my girl and prepared a way.  

Lord, I offer to you Audrey’s hands.  Give her strength and tenacity as she writes and works with them.  Use her hands to care for new friends–let them feel you through her hugs, handed-over pencils, and playground tag-taps.

Abba, I ask you to cover her head with your blood.  I know your blood speaks better things than what the world speaks. Protect her innocence, Lord–keep her from icky jokes & language that doesn’t refresh and build up. Anoint her head to learn the mountains of new information, and give her time to escape into day dreams and her world of imagination.

Oh, Father, her heart.  It is tender like her momma’s and so sensitive to others.  Guard her heart.  Stir up in her heart your Word and your peace that passes all understanding.  Grow her heart; give her a deep love for her peers. Keep her heart tender, and let her follow the Holy Spirit when that tender heart leads her to someone who is hurting. 

Most of all, thank you that Your love for my daughter is much deeper than my love for her.

What are you praying for your babies as they head off? 

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