A First Day of School Prayer

For the Mommas

At the very top of our neighbor’s tall maple tree I can see the touches of fall color sneaking in; and in the same way, it feels to my heart as if this new school year quietly snuck in while we were busy running from Beckett’s new squirt gun and roasting marshmallows. And yet, I know that for everything there is a season; I ache to let go of summer’s unscheduled days and uncounted hours of time with all my babies home, but God calls us forward.

I had such joy last night as we tucked the girls in and saw their nervous anticipation–I loved school.  (If they didn’t make you pay for the classes, I’d probably still be in school.)  And, I have such an ache as I try to imagine how different our days at home will look.

So, mommas, this morning, I am praying for us and sharing my back to school prayer (updated from 2015)

Father God,

Thank you for entrusting these children to our care.  Thank you that in our deep love for them, we get to experience a shadow of your never-stopping, never giving up, always and forever love for us. 

Tomorrow many of us will take one (or two or three) of these precious ones to a place that isn’t home–we will help hang backpacks on hooks, take pictures in front of welcome signs, give kisses, squeeze little hands, and bite our lips until we’re out in the parking lot or back in our minivans where our tears can escape.

You know the pain of sending your child out–comfort us.  

You know we are anxious; we are wondering where they will sit at lunch and if they’ll trip in gym, or swing alone at recess–calm us.

You know we want to protect them–but, You will do a much better job.

You know the feelings we can’t put into words–carry them, carry us.

Hide us under your wings as we trust You because these babies who live in our homes–they’re yours.

Help us this school year to teach them that you make them brave, strong, and able.  Let us send them off each morning as arrows for your kingdom and let their sincere love for you pierce the hearts of those who are far from you.


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