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Happy Monday, momma friends!

If you’re anything like me (and you’re raising humans…not angelic beings) you have multiple moments in a day in which you know you need Jesus to intervene before you explode in anger or drop to your knees sobbing, but you don’t know how to make space for Him to intervene.

Well, mommas, I have written some quick prayers specifically fitted for those difficult moments–a toddler tantrum, quarreling kiddos, & even when you hit a wall of exhaustion but your babies still need you and it’s time to make dinner. I call them Minute Mom Prayers because you can hide in the bathroom, or sink to your knees in the kitchen (I hide behind our dishwasher and whisper the prayer that fits your moment.

I have six different prayers for you; they’re all available in one simple, 3 page, printable that won’t use all your ink or require a color cartridge. I am so excited to share this powerful tool with you. Here’s the trick, to get the printable, you have to be a subscriber to Letter In October. So, if you love this tool, and you’d like to share it with your friends, you can encourage them to become a subscriber at

If you’re already a subscriber, you should have already received this tool in your inbox today! If you aren’t; you’ll receive these Minute Mom Prayers shortly after you subscribe! Now, go hide in the bathroom or behind the play kitchen and pray a hot second!

Squirming out of Papa God’s Arms

His head lays heavily on my shoulder, and his arms wrap around me, one little pudgy hand patting my back.  His breath slows and it seems to be in time with my heartbeat. There are times my toddler boy willingly rests like this in my arms. But, more often his time in my arms resembles some sort of greased pig contest.

Many of you know my sister (in-law) has been battling leukemia since early February after you read my post, When the Ones You Love Suffer. Eleven days ago, an emergency surgery for a life-threatening infection landed my precious sister in critical condition in the intensive care unit.  We have spent hours beside her bed weeping after doctors told us we likely had 24-48 hours left with her.  Moment by moment, God is sustaining my sister when doctors told us they had exhausted all of their options to heal her. Glory!

Last Thursday, after several days in a row at the hospital, Beckett was weary of the family waiting area.  Him and I went for a stroll around the outside of the hospital.  The sidewalk is wide and paved nicely with bricks. Lovely gardens line the walkway and the sun shone on us to warm our short-sleeved arms. We were near the entrance to the emergency room, so we saw quite a few ambulances drive past–my boy was so fascinated by the big “trucks” that he toddled quickly across the width of the sidewalk such that I had to physically restrain him to keep him from dashing into the road for a better look.  He didn’t understand that as I kept him from the ambulances I was protecting him.

It is a daily occurrence for me to be holding Beckett, as he squirms, kicks, and even screams at me to “walk” or get “down”–you see, he is often convinced that outside of my arms is the better place to be.  And, mommas, I have had some kicking, screaming, squirming to be out of God’s arms moments over the past week. Moments when I should have been resting in His arms, but I was convinced there were better places to be. Last week in  moments of grief or fear for the future, while the Heavenly Father held me (because He is always holding us) I kicked and screamed and told Him this was the wrong story.  I pounded on his chest, and shoved myself away from Him as I sat beside her bed.

When Beckett and I were beside the road, I cared more about his long term than short term satisfaction.  He kept working to wriggle free from my arms so he could get closer to the ambulances speeding by, but my grip remained firm and constant–I know more than he does about roads, cars, & danger. As I pounded on Abba Father’s chest, His grip on me never loosened or relaxed.  He has used family members and friends to speak life over me, and as He astounds the doctors, He continues to prove that if He can hold the entire world He can hold each moment.

This journey isn’t over, we are still walking through a deep valley, but we know who holds us, we trust that He knows more than we do, and He is for us and my dear sister.


When the Ones You Love Suffer

In light of what our family has walked through this last week, I know I am not the only one who needs to be reminded to Trust His Love, so I am reposting this post from just weeks after my sister (in-law) was diagnosed with a very aggressive leukemia.

I chopped potatoes for our Thursday dinner willing my phone to make a sound. My trembling hand slipped around on the knife’s handle and my breath felt like it was running away from me.  As I tossed potatoes onto a cookie sheet, Mark was sitting in his parents’ living room.  Our brother-in-law had called and asked that Mark & his parents meet he and his sister there following the afternoon oncology appointment we had all been counting down to the previous three days.

We had been praying, despite the frightening bloodwork results on Monday, that it was a fluke.  A strange reactions–a genetic mutation–an infection.  Anything else, Lord. Not leukemia. Please. Please not leukemia. On Thursday, through many tears, in their parents’ living room, Mark’s older sister reported the doctor had confirmed all of our fears–leukemia.

Late the next night–another call, acute leukemia. Chemo, hospitalization, pack the bags, kiss baby girl goodbye for today.

Here we are, two weeks later.  My dear sister is daily choosing to believe and declare who God is despite pain, discouragement, frustration, and so many unanswered questions. She has a mighty community of prayer warriors, and God has already shown himself faithful.

But, she is weary, I hear it in her voice.  I see it in her precious smile. There are more questions right now than answers, and if it makes me feel stuck; so, I cannot imagine her feelings. And I cried out to God, again, when we learned chemo alone won’t be enough. I told Him I was angry, told him I felt trapped & unable to help in any real way.

I want her suffering to stop. I want to call out, Okay! Enough!  My love for her makes me want to carry part of her burden. I want to do something, anything to lift some of her heaviness.

To my dismay, God, graciously, reminded me that I am helpless in the face of leukemia. I am unable to carry any of her burden, but I know someone who can.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28-29

So, if I believe He is the only one capable of carrying the ache of suffering, then the only reasonable response is to commit my dear sister to His care.

Let me be clear, since that uncomfortable blood work on Monday, my intercession for her has not ceased.  But, in the last few days, have I realized I will also be without rest, in my spirit, if I don’t choose to trust Our Father’s love for my sister. As I relish in the way He has loved me, as I review His faithfulness to me, I am able to start releasing this one I love deeply to His care and trust that it is the safest place for her.

And, if I trust His love for her, I trust that though He may not deliver her out of the suffering today, He will supply her with all the fullness of His own presence, joy, & peace. He will give to her himself.

Our world is broken, suffering, or still healing from having suffered. Can I encourage your soul this morning?  Keep interceding over your people who are hurting, but trust His love for them and let Him do the carrying.

*My dear sister is currently in ICU in critical condition due to complications; since you’ve taken the time to read this as we cry out to God to do what man is incapable of doing?*