Relax, Sheep-momma

They aren’t very smart, sheep.  They will follow each other off cliffs, they will wander with no real direction, they will allow themselves to become prey.  Maybe you already know that the comparison God makes between us and sheep is not flattering.  I know I’m not a cheetah or anything, but even a dog would be an upgrade.  Dogs can be rather intelligent, are often kind and loyal to their owners.

But God tells us clearly we are his sheep, and He is our good shepherd.  As I lament my sheep-like tendencies—wandering from my Abba Father to follow what seems better, following the herd of other sheep (ahem, Facebook, Pinterist), allowing my mind to be preyed upon by that prowling lion—I discovered great comfort in a passage from Isaiah.

He will feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs in His arm, He will carry them in His bosom and will gently lead those that have their young. (Isaiah 40:11) [emphasis mine]

He will gently lead those that have their young.  Mommas, the one who crafted the tiny hearts of your children in the womb, He, will gently lead you while you lead them.  The one who calls your children His handiwork and has already prepared good works for them to do, He, will lead you.

Oh, let’s relax, sheep-mommas, God almighty is our shepherd, and He notices those that have their young.

Join me in allowing Him to gently lead you and your littles today. When you hit a wall with your little one(s)

1. Instead of searching Google or even another momma-blog, search their Creator’s heart.

2. Post Isaiah 40:11 or some of Psalm 23 somewhere you will see it often.  Read it aloud and let it remind you it’s okay to be a sheep.

3.  Don’t be surprised when your children act like sheep, just stoop down with them and point them to the Shepherd.

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More than a Newsfeed

I get it. Escaping to the social media world for those five quiet minutes seems like a deserved respite.  Scrolling to see what my friends (and acquaintances…and friends of acquaintances) did last night seems like a quick brain break.  But, I don’t really walk away from five minutes of Facebook feeling rejuvenated and ready to be supermom.
7:30 a.m., after feeding the baby boy, I instinctually reached for my phone to spend five minutes scrolling.  Just a few status updates, ‘like’ a few pictures–enjoy my last quiet moments before my day as momma-to-three truly began.

But yesterday morning, God whispered to my heart, “dig into me just a little deeper.” You see, I did rise early in the morning to spend time in the Word.  I did pray over my family while feeding Beckett.  I already checked those boxes today, so why not chill out with Facebook?

He has more than a newsfeed.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they might have some inspirational pictures and quotations, even some great scripture verses, but, “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” (Psalm 42:2)  He tells me if I hunger after Him, I’ll be filled. But, He is not going to pry open my mouth.

He is a gracious Papa God. Today, He swished that spoon in front of me and made a quiet airplane sound stirring up my appetite.

So, today, I took five minutes.
I asked God to fill me with more of Him.

I asked Him to make me a better picture of Jesus’ love to my girls.

I asked for eyes to better see the eternal parts of this day.

I walked away with more than five minutes worth of Him.

He restores my soul. (Psalm 23:3)

It is a fight for me to have an eternal perspective.  The temporary never feels temporary when I’m stuck in the middle of it.  When play-dough is sticking to your socks or your coffee spills on the first bump as you drive to work, it doesn’t feel temporary.  But when I look a few more minutes at Him, it gets just a bit easier.


Join me today, will you?  Give just five minutes that you would normally offer to social media and offer it to Papa God.  Share your thoughts on Facebook.

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Four Ways to be a Lousy Mom

1. Be someone else

You know that mom-blogger you follow who posts new crafts each week?  Try to keep up with her.  She’s crafty so she already has a lot of supplies just “around the house” (for real, though, I do not have that stuff sitting around the house.  I have unmatched socks, smooshed rice chex, a lot of runaway marbles, and a pile of toilet paper tubes we will craft with someday), so be sure to head to your nearest craft store and pick up the bag of feathers, sequins, modge podge, and those tiny baby food jars.  Your husband and Mr. Budget will surely appreciate that.

2. Keep the house spotless

Follow that sweet little toddler around and pick up the cheerios he drops; have a damp cloth ready to wipe whatever he touches.  Those little patties are always sticky.  Tuck toys back in their bins as soon as your preschooler’s attention is diverted.  Don’t let her mix toys, make forts, fill bags for pretend camping trips, all of this is just too messy.  Do all your cookie-baking while the kids are napping, otherwise you’re just asking for chocolate chips on the carpet and flour on sleeves.

3. Operate outside of your giftings

You aren’t gifted musically, but your daughter’s school musical needs a director, JUMP IN!  You are excellent at following directions, but administrating isn’t what God has gifted you with, by all means, head up that committee at church.  While you’re at it, be sure to volunteer to plan and prepare the craft for your son’s school St. Patrick’s Day party!

4. Avoid slowing down for time in the Word

While scrolling Pinterest, you found a great recipe for pumpkin pancakes with homemade cinnamon butter.  Your family would love to wake up to the smell of those on your griddle; rise early, grab a cup of coffee, leave your Bible sitting on the nightstand, and start a’mixing!  Your spiritual belly might be bloated from hunger, but at least your sweet family will start their day with warm buttery pancakes.


When you line examples up like this it is laughable isn’t it?  We can easily see the foolishness in falling into these traps when they’re phrased this way, and yet I am sure each of us has felt the pressure to fall for at least one of these tricks in the last twenty-four hours.

So, for today, let my sarcasm make you laugh and encourage you to follow the Holy Spirit as He gently leads you through your days.  Your husband and children want you—not you stressed by trying to be someone else, not you unable to walk in your giftings because you’re operating in other areas.

You, filled up with His love and unspeakable joy, and the knowledge that you’re right where you should be.

Which of these is easiest for you fall into, or have you fallen into?  Share your answers on Facebook.