Undone, unraveled, bare, raw. Being the mom of a newborn could leave an otherwise got-it-together woman feeling undone.  Unworthy and unable (and maybe even unstable, can I get an amen?) when that newborn already has two big sisters.

We do not want to be undone; we resist the rawness that accompanies being undone.  I am learning to be okay with this rawness, at least in my own home and before my Father God.  I am typing this as I nurse an 8-week old baby (talk about undone!) and my two year old is crying, “mommy” from her time out spot (don’t worry, a timer is set; I’ll get her out). God asked me to homeschool our kindergartener this year, still teach at Northpoint Bible College, and learn to be the momma to three precious littles. He essentially has called me to be undone this fall.  To learn that failure and falling short will happen every single day–every single hour some days.  I fail